Trinity Blood Fanfiction

One of my favorite anime of all time. After seeing the trailer on the FUSION REBORN film in San Diego, I suspected this would be a series Id have to watch. Then I saw the first full-length trailer online on one of the SAMURAI 7 DVDs and went, "Yep, need to watch this." So I bought the first volume and fell in love with it. The rest followed in short order.

I cannot say enough good things about it... The music. The voice acting. The art. The story. (The priests!) Wasnt all that thrilled with the ending, but considering that the creator died before he could finish it, its kind of hard to take issue with that.

Like SAMURAI 7 and DRAGONBALL Z, TRINITY BLOOD lends itself beautifully to fan fiction thanks to the gaps in the storyline, but thats not what got me started on writing for it.

I got started writing on it because of a friend. And a dare.

The friend in question is a huge fan of my SAMURAI 7 tales, and was dying to see what Id make of TRINITY BLOOD, so she threw me the prompt of "What would you do if you were walking down the street, got knocked upside the head, and woke up in a strange pod a millennium in the future, with Dr. William Walter Wordsworth peering down at you?"

My gleeful response was the all-dialogue short story called "Unexpected Results." But one chapter wasnt enough for her. So she asked for more.

And the rest is history... as you can see.I had absolutely NO idea that when I first wrote "Unexpected Results" (a self-insert parody if ever there was one) that it would become so popular.  But to say that the story exploded onto the TRINITY BLOOD fan fiction scene would be an understatement.  (In a little less than four months, it became the most read and reviewed story in the TRINITY BLOOD category on FanFiction.net.)  So, after forty-four chapters, I started the sequel.Not to mention almost a dozen related short stories for those who clamoured for more of the madcap misadventures resulting from Father Wordsworths most famous failed experiment.And to make things even more fun, my erstwhile alter ego, the trouble-making, time-bending, techie pagan nun known as Sister Johanna Sinclair, later got her own LiveJournal community (known as "A Slight Glitch").

THE TRINITY BLOOD FAN FICTION COLLECTION(Stories with an asterisk are part of the "Unexpected Results"-verse.